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Rodion Pozniakov

I’m an interface designer and frontend developer in love with the web, technologies, making music, taking photos, and riding fixed-gear bicycles.

I started in 2013 by developing my blog, and since then, I've created a lot of stuff, including personal web pages, useful instruments and tools, plugins for Figma and Sketch, blogs, 3D widgets for visualizing data, and design systems. I used a variety of JavaScript frameworks and libraries (React, Vue, Node.js, etc.). I went through the entire process of developing the idea, from designing to deploying and supporting Linux servers.


Kyiv, Ukraine

I have experience working with

Sketch, Figma, Developing design systems, Storybook, React, Next.js, Vue, Nuxt.js, Three.js, Typescript, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, REST API, CI/CD, JS Bundlers, Linux

2019 - Present

UI/UX Designer & Front-end developer at Trinetix

  • Developed a design system on React with more than 80 components written from scratch according to accessibility standards.
  • Provided rapid prototypes for user testing, facilitating an iterative design process.
  • Assisted designers in bridging communication with developers.
  • Conducted workshops for the design team to introduce new tools, and web features
  • Created tools to streamline the design process and enhance the productivity of designers.
  • Created plugins with AI integration for Figma to enhance the design process.
  • Participated in creating designs for complex enterprise systems.
  • Developed projects on Three.js for 3D data visualization.

Software engineer at BN Digital

  • Developed projects using React and Vue.js
  • Set up the development process and flow for the team
2017 - 2019

UI/UX Designer at Trinetix

  • Designed complex interfaces for enterprise systems.
  • Served as a member of the innovation team developing new products.
  • Developed an internal account management system using Node.js and Vue.
  • Developed tools and plugins to enhance the productivity of the design team.
2013 - 2017

Web designer & Web developer at freelance

  • Designed and developed websites for small businesses.
  • Created design mockups and templates for the design community.
  • Developed custom WordPress themes.
  • Developed a custom CMS for a small business.
  • Developed tools for the fixed-gear bike community.